Recipe for Success: Tyler, the Creator

Tyler in September 2012

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Born March 6, 1991 in Ladera Heights, California

Personal Success Definition

EXAMPLE: I define success as someone who creates amazing art or material for the world and who gives back to people around them.

I feel success is finding happiness and creating something new, having lots of money to me isn’t really being happy.

Tyler was the musical group Odd Futures leader, who alone has released 5 albums and a mixtape. He also has had some Tv shows most prominently the adult swim comedy “Loiter Squad”. A successful clothing brand labeled “Golf” and hosts the annual music festival “Camp Flog Gnaw”.

Skills for Success

Tyler is a talented musician, at age 14 he taught himself the piano and as a kid used to make his own album covers before he even knew how to write music. Tyler has also always had a unique sense of humor which he became known for throughout his career as well as being inspiring coming from somebody whos Dad left them and grew up poor.

How They Used These Skills

Odd Future on Spotify

Tyler was the leader of Odd Future and produced and performed for almost every song they released, what really made Tyler famous is when the song “Yonkers” first dropped being one of his singles for his debut album “Goblin” people were first drawn into Tyler and Odd future because of their controversial lyrics, which none of them were meant to be taken seriously by anyone.

Challenges Overcome

Tyler’s first mix tape and first 2 albums where always controversial and criticized by many, which ultimately led to his ban from the UK in 2015. Tyler explained that the music wasn’t supposed to be taken serious and reminded people that it was all fiction on Goblin.

Significant Work

Tyler, the Creator's 'IGOR' Album Credits: Solange, Kanye West, More | SPIN

Tyler’s song “Earfquake” off of his most recent album being his highest-charting song in the US ranking #14 on Billboard’s 100 Best Songs of 2019 list.


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