Week 5: Editing Production


Principle: Chandler Warren

Student: Robbie Vandormolen

Teacher: Chandler Warren

Shopper 1: Robbie Vandormolen

Shopper 2: Chandler Warren

  • (Set a creative intention)
    • I wanted to make a funny video about the covid experience, I drew inspiration from a channel I used to watch all the time
    • Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSBzN-I43cp0-xekSFW5mkQ
    • I wanted to create something inspired by this channel because I thought it was a funny sense of humor, and I have never seen anyone do anything in this style.
  • (Identify the tension)
    • Daily life in the covid 19 pandemic
  • (Setting)
    • At home on the Chromebook
    • Safeway
    • Times during a Pandemic
  • (Editing techniques)
    • Standard Cut / Hard Cut – no meaning or feeling, immersive, advanced story
    • Series Jump Cut – pushes time forward, gives energy/urgency, cuts inside same shot, deliberate passing of time, similar to the montage
    • Cutting on Action – cut while the subject is in action: hard and fast, slow and deliberate (throwing something, turn, going through the door)
    • Smash Cut – abrupt, waking up from an intense nightmare, intense to quiet/quiet to intense
  • (Shot list)
    • 3 seconds of fingers on keyboard typing
    • 2 seconds of a black transition with no audio x5
    • 3 seconds of school entrance
    • 4 seconds of student looking up to the camera in bed
    • 4 seconds of student getting out of bed
    • 4 seconds of student (off camera) at the phone
    • 2 seconds of zoomed in view of above shot
    • 2 seconds of student getting out of bed
    • 7 seconds of me opening my Chromebook
    • 8 seconds of teacher on zoom
    • 3 seconds of zoom join sound effect
    • 3 seconds of student staring into Chromebook (offscreen)
    • 23 seconds of teacher on zoom
    • 8 seconds of student being bagged by teacher
    • 6 seconds of shopper 1 coughing
    • (Series jump cut)
    • 4 seconds of shopper 2 staring
    • 1 second shopper 1 staring
    • 2 seconds of shopper 2 close up
    • 2 seconds of shopper 1 staring
    • 2 seconds of shopper 2 mask close up

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