Andrew Stanton Storytelling

Story telling is Joke tellingIts knowing what to say when to deliver and how to deliver it
Story should make you careStories should make a promise that its gonna lead up to something
Unifying Theory of 2+2storytelling without dialogue is the most cinematic
Character Spineall good characters have goal that they are striving for
even if they don’t know what it is
Changeif things get stale they get boring and flat
Story structure Story telling had guid lines not hard fast rules
Strong theme always running through a well told story
Theme Use what you know, express values you personally feel at your core
Wonder A since of wonder is what is key like before more is less, less is more audience doesn’t want the plot shoved down their throat. They need something to think about they need something to hold onto and remember.
Summary:I learned that a good story has no set rules, but only guid lines that aren’t direct instructions to making a good story.