Session 5 Production Project

Sound Design for Visual Media’s New Digidesign ICON Dual-Operator System

Sound Design for Visual Media’s New Digidesign ICON Dual-Operator System” by vancouverfilmschool is marked with CC BY 2.0.



Sound Design

Intention (SMART Goal)

By May 10th as part of team 3, I will show evidence of Recorded ADR &/or Sound Effects in Premiere Pro or WeVideo by following the instructions in ADR for Beginners


Leader(s) in the Field / Exemplary Work(s)

John P. Fasal

Known for The Fugitive (1993), Inception (2010), Tenet (2020), The Fifth Element (1997)

Recent Works The Batman (2022) (sound effects recordist)

Winner of Career Achievement Award (2018)

Nominee of Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing – Sound Effects and Foley for Feature Film (2008)

Nominee of Golden Reel Award for Best Sound Editing – Sound Effects (1994)

Training Source(s)

Controlled Environment (3:16)Match acoustics on screen or dry and exploitable in post production
Mic Placement (3:37)-Location not against wall or in two inclosed of a space

-Distance between mouth and mike depending on scene context
a. Short Distance ~ 10 inches
b. Medium Distance ~ 24 inches
c. Long Distance ~ 40 inches

-Use same mic used to record for consistency
ADR Directing (4:21)In big budget movies actors are usually contracted to do retakes/ADR.
Foley (4:52)-recreating and recording everyday sound effects to lay in synchronized track so sequence doest seem abnormally quiet

-record sound on screen

Project Timeline

  1. Planning
  2. Storyboard Draft 1
  3. Discuss and Review
  4. Storyboard Draft 2
  5. Discuss and Review
  6. Storyboard Final Draft
  7. Discuss and Review
  8. Script Version 1
  9. Review
  10. Final Script
  11. Shot list
  12. Advanced Shot list
  13. Film
  14. Review
  15. “Cleanup” Shooting
  16. Edit
  17. Completed Version

Proposed Budget



The (FILM, SOUND, or GAME Creation)

The Film

Skills Commentary

In this film, I focused on adding sound effects and ADR to the film after we recorded the actual scenes. I went to the filming location with my team and recorded ambience, footsteps, door sounds, and dialogue. I then organized the audio recordings inside of our project folder.


21st Century Skills

Ways of Thinking (Creativity, Innovation, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving)

Ways of Working (Communication & Collaboration)

Tools for Working (Info & Media Literacy)

Ways of Living in the World (Life & Career)

Reactions to the Final Version

Self-Evaluation of Final Version

Grammar and Spelling


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