60 Second Film: Godzilla Attack

This 30 second stop motion film is a quick scene for a Godzilla attack. I portrayed the scene by making a mini set built with dirt, a blanket, fake plants, and toy buildings. Godzilla himself is portrayed by an old toy I had laying around from my childhood. It was pretty hard to get camera angles with an I Phone and to be careful not to mess up the set. My goal for this mini film was just to make a cool stop motion with a detailed set.

Feedback Questions:

Are the Camera angles unnatural?

Is the lighting Descent?


“That was incredible! I’ve never seen a stopmotion done in this class. The movement of Godzilla looked very natural to me, and the set was very impressive.” – Dylan Werts

“I love the creativity with the stop motion! I agree with Dylan.” -Bradley Berbells

“The stop motion reminded me of how the original effects for king kong were used” -Aiden Anderson