Citizen Kane Research

The Battle Over Citizen Kane

  • 1939 – Height of Hollywood
  • Highlight of the year was new media star Orson Welles
  • New Media v Old Media (William Randall Hearst)
  • Citizen Kane heavily criticized Hearst and plunged Hollywood into shambles
  • Hearst tried to censor the film
  • Hearst growing up was a spoiled only child with a very rich father
  • Hearst used fabricated stories for the paper
  • Hearst started the newspaper “The Examiner”
  • Welles first play was Shakespeare
  • Hearst first tries to run for mayor but after failing he went into show business
  • He owned a ranch with a huge mansion that was about half the size of rhode island.
  • Hearst wanted the film to be destroyed by buying it and burning it
  • Citizen Kane only won award for best screenplay

DocudramaRKO 281

  • Orson Welles and Hearst in Elevator, Hearst tells Orson that it is not Hearst’s end of his career but instead Orson’s.

Orson Welles Interview on Citizen Kane

  • Effort to stop film while in production
  • intended as a social document
  • director had total control
  • cinematographer was highly experienced
  • Kane was made to be an edge of controversy made to blur the lines between this and the idea of too far
  • Orson was seen as an enemy to the system he critiqued
  • Kane was suppose to be what Orson isn’t everything even the good and the bad

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